Monday, February 25, 2008

Changing Cities - Three Walls

Just got back from Chicago, for the opening of a show at Three Walls:
This is an outstanding artist-run non-profit in the West Loop district. Thank you Elizabeth, Lucy and interns. You did a beautiful job installing the show and made us all feel very welcome. Nice crowd at the opening, too.

All credit for this show goes to Jef Bourgeau, director of the Museum of New Art:

There's a cryptic mention of the show on Paul Klein's Art Letter, for what it's worth:
What the hell does this mean? "Artists in Detroit have a more difficult battle than Chicago artists. Here artists have been ignored. In Detroit I sense they’re reviled, Some of this I read into the art." What about my goofy doll, or Alison's amazing drawing, indicates Detroit artists are reviled? I'm so confused...

I met Paul Germanos at the opening, who posted some photos on his Flickr account:
Thank you, Paul. The adorable little kid in the photo loved the dolls, and insisted on kissing each one. I'm pretty sure that's the first time anyone has kissed my work in a gallery.

My friend Andrei showed up, with his wife Jenny and their astonishing son Blake:
It was a real treat to see Andrei, Jenny and Blake, I wish we lived closer so we could get together more often. Andrei's work is nothing less than stunning. He literally takes my breath away. A lot of my work has been inspired by his paintings and sculptures, and his incredible spirit. You can spend a lot of time clicking around his web site, enjoy.

Also got to spend some quality time with my friend Lisa:
Lisa is pretty amazing herself. Be sure to poke around on her web site, too. Don't miss the links page. Lisa will be in the Detroit area in a couple of weeks, for a show opening up on March 14 at Paint Creek Center for the Arts:
(I'll get the Exhibitions page updated as soon as I get back to work tomorrow, promise.)

Deborah Sukenic came to the opening, it's always fun to see her:

Saw some very cool work while in Chicago.
Heart stopping work by Anne Wilson at Rhona Hoffman:
and some interesting stuff by Rosemarie Trockel at Donald Young:

And did a bit of powershopping at Aiko, which to my dismay is getting ready to close in April:
Get in there while you can, just about everything in the shop is 60% off.

Also went a little crazy at Loopy Yarns, where Lisa teaches:
Did I say a little crazy? Um... I spent way, way too much money. Wool yarn and roving, felting needles, sweet little felted zippered pouches etc. I also bought a ton of great feltable yarn from Lisa, so I'll have plenty of stuff to play with while working on new critters for my ongoing Tree of Life. (more on that later, I really need to get a move on and do a little cleaning - this place is a dump.)